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Join the international call for a ‘reality check’ of industrial wind energy

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The North American Platform Against Windpower (NA-PAW) was created to stand for the interests of the ever-growing number of organizations and individuals in Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America, Canada, and the USA who:

NA-PAW also stands with the European Platform Against Windpower (EPAW), which was founded in Paris on October 4, 2008, by groups from four E.U. countries to unify and direct their efforts towards the European Commission. Since then, more than 480 groups from 22 countries have joined EPAW, along with dozens of messages of support from around the world. Click here to read about EPAW’s call for a moratorium on wind turbine construction in Europe.

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We urge all local, regional, and national groups, businesses, and web resources who have concerns about reckless development of industrial-scale wind energy to support NA-PAW’s call for a reality check. Read the NA-PAW statement (below) and send an authorized e-mail to stating your wish to add your organization, business, or web site as a signatory. Provide the name, location, and web site (if available) of the organization. And please provide the name and contact information of the individual through whom NA-PAW will communicate to the rest of your group.

NA-PAW also maintains a database of experts in a variety of relevant fields and individuals experienced in the issues raised by industrial wind development. So please share with NA-PAW the names and contact information of such people associated with your group who might be willing to help others and the degree to which they are available.

Unaffiliated individuals are encouraged to sign on with NA-PAW as "experts". Your contribution may range from a web site or paper to consultancy, lectures, and testimony.

Let’s make our government institutions aware that hundreds of associations, local initiatives, and other groups and individuals are questioning the promise and the record of large-scale wind power and demand a reality check!

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How to Use NA-PAW

Unlike Europe, North America does not have a central authority toward which we might direct our appeal. And even within countries, wind energy developments are driven and regulated by an array of government legislators and administrators at different levels. It is hoped that the NA-PAW statement, backed by a substantial number of signatories, can be used to lend weight to your appeals to any officials.

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Call for Wind Energy ‘Reality Check’

The North American Platform Against Windpower (NA-PAW) was formed in early 2009, following the example of the European Platform Against Windpower (EPAW) which was founded in Paris on October 4, 2008, by French, German, Spanish, and Belgian organizations. Since then, more than 600 organizations from 24 countries have joined EPAW in a call for a halt to industrial wind facility construction to conduct a thorough study of wind power’s effects on the environment, people’s lives, the economy, and the energy system.

Like EPAW, NA-PAW supports renewable energy schemes when they are effective and socially, economically, and environmentally acceptable. Wind energy installations are often pushed through under pressure from financial or ideological interest groups with little regard for the communities or ecosystems affected. Under the mantle of “clean and green”, the claims of wind developers are not subjected to the proper scrutiny necessary for such large and expensive installations. They are often exempted from proper regulatory review that would protect the environment and hosting communities.

The necessarily sprawling facilities, huge towers, and turning blades required to collect such a diffuse resource as wind degrades and fragments wildlife habitat and threatens the health and well-being of nearby residents. And the effectiveness of large-scale wind energy remains problematic.

The North American Platform Against Windpower therefore calls for a “reality check” on industrial wind energy, to examine its actual record and cumulative impacts.

Documentation continues to grow of the negative effects of industrial wind turbines on people, landscapes, tourism, property values, wildlife, and public budgets. A “reality check” is long overdue.

North American Platform Against Windpower