Sandy Fellows

Submission to Health Canada Wind Turbine Noise and Health Study, 2012

Hello Mr. Michaud

I would like to comment on the upcoming Industrial Wind Turbine Health Study by Health Canada. I am very pleased that Health Canada has finally stepped into the ring on this very important issue. In Ontario up until now, we are faced with the onslaught of a huge number of Industrial Wind Turbines (IWTs), it is politically and financial driven, and considerations for the well being of the rural residents are discounted. We are all looking for this to be a fair and unbiased study.

To this end, I would like to be sure that participants on both sides of the issue are on the panel. I see there are representatives from the Canadian Wind Energy Association (CANWEA) and scientists who have been paid to do work for CANWEA. Bare in mind that these people are very self serving and, although I am fine with them being on the panel, you must realize that they are comprised of companies with very deep finanical pockets. You must therefore have people from groups like Wind Concerns Ontario and Wind Vigilance participating in this important study. The people involved in these groups have given up vast amounts of their time for no remuneration to try and discover the truth. They are helping people who are experiencing health problems after IWTs moved in close to their homes.

I would therefore submit that the following people should be added to your research panel.

Dr. Robert McMurtry - a well respected Physican who has met with affected people and worked toward discovering why they become ill

Carmen Krogh - a Pharmacist who has compiled some amazing work is extremely knowledgeable on this issue

Dr. Jeff Aramini - an Epidemiologist who was involved in a peer reviewed IWT study and has also worked with Health Canada.

There are others such as Dr. Magda Havas who is also a pioneer in her field of electical pollution.

The main focus of your group should be the science and the truth. The home where my husband and I live will be 935 meters from an IWT proposed project. Although this project may well be opperational before your study is complete, it is paramount that your study be held to the highest scrutiny. Please do the right thing, for you hold our future in your hands.

Sandy Fellows