Nancy Hurlburt

Submission to Health Canada Wind Turbine Noise and Health Study, 2012

Dear David Michaud;

I have been concerned about the lack of national guidelines for placement of industrial wind turbine facilities. Thank you to Health Canada for undertaking a study of health effects from wind turbines and for extending the comment period to facilitate more input.

It appears that the main focus of the study is to relate possible health effects to the noise wind turbines make. Is it possible the movement of the whirring blades is also responsible for some of the adverse health effects reported such as nausea and vertigo? My daughter has had neurosurgery for a brain tumour which has left her with residual inner ear and vestibular issues. When she exposed herself to industrial wind turbines she became immediately dizzy and nauseous. Hopefully the study will include citizens who have already experienced health effects and that there will be a process to include those who have moved away to escape the adverse effects.

I live 2 kilometres from a proposed wind turbine project. I have witnessed the corrosive effect the proposed project has already had on individuals and our community as a whole. A large majority of residents in our community do not want industrial wind turbines here. Individuals have experienced stress from situations such as being unable to sell their home when prospective buyers find out wind turbines are planned for our neighbourhood. The social fabric and peacefulness of our community has been eroded by happenings such as "stop the wind turbine" signs being burned or defaced. Hopefully the health of communities will also be considered in this study.

Thank you for considering my comments. I look forward to the summary of the responses that is to be posted when the comment period is over.

Nancy Hurlburt
RR #1 Belwood On
N0B 1J0