Sarah Laurie

Submission to Health Canada Wind Turbine Noise and Health Study, 2012

Please find attached my comments on the proposed Health Canada Study.

"First do no harm" is an ancient tenet of medicine, which is of great relevance to this study.

I sincerely hope that medical professionals' ethics, and acoustic / noise engineers' professional ethics are held paramount in the way the study is conducted, and in the choice of those people performing the research.

I have grave reservations about the outcome of the proposed study, on both counts, if these considerations are not strictly adhered to, in addition to ensuring that those researchers are most appropriately qualified, experienced, and also free from political and ideological bias, or the protection of their vested interests.

To continue to ignore the obvious human suffering of Canadian Rural citizens, and to fail to investigate the problems thoroughly, with the utmost scientific integrity, and with the most appropriate study design will be to continue to do serious harm to those who are relying on the responsible authorities to protect them.

yours sincerely

Dr Sarah Laurie

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