Nancy Nicklin

Submission to Health Canada Wind Turbine Noise and Health Study, 2012

I was very pleased to hear that the government was undertaking a study to conclude whether or not there is a relationship between exposure to the noise from wind turbines and adverse human health effects.

My concern is the way the study is being proposed with the random sampling that is will not include all the information from those who actually have been adversely affected. Every single person that has called in complaints to the MOE spills line, to their local council, their provincial MPP, their Federal MP and the various wind proponents should be included in this study. These are the people that have been affected and they deserve to have testing done in each and every one of their homes. Gag orders should be overruled to get all information relating to illness.

As the owner of a small restaurant in a tourist area that is soon to have 8 turbines placed a mile or less from my front door I am very concerned about problems with my customers and employees that may be susceptible to ill effects from them.

I cannot imagine if there was a complaint regarding food that had made a customer ill that the Health Department would not interview every single person that had been to the restaurant during the time period, not just do a random sampling of customers over the past few months.

There would be a public outcry if there was a gag-order placed on any person that was made ill by food. (or tobacco or asbestos) When there was a problem at Maple Leaf foods, the health inspectors came around to each and every restaurant to make sure that there were non of the recalled products on site. Please show the same consideration to those made ill by Industrial Wind Turbines.

Although it is stated time and time again that there is insufficient evidence of ill health by the Wind Industry and the various government health agencies, the real evidence is widely available. There are far too many instances of the same complaints all over the world with the final outcome of people being driven from their homes as a last resort to get away from the agony. This is only going to get worse as the turbines increase in size and density.

My final comment is that I feel that it is imperative that until this study is completed that not one more Industrial Turbine should be allowed to be built in rural residential areas and a moratorium should be put in place immediately.

Thank you for your time.

Nancy Nicklin
Floyds Bar & Grill
429 South Coast Dr.
Nanticoke, Ontario
N0A 1L0