Marion Thompson

Submission to Health Canada Wind Turbine Noise and Health Study, 2012

Dear Sirs:

I have a few comments regarding Health Canada study to take place regarding Industrial Wind Turbines, announced last week.

1. I am concerned about the 30 day comment period as the announcement of the study was released in prime summer vacation time for Canadians.

As all of the turbines are placed in rural areas it will also be difficult for farming families to meet this deadline in the busy prime harvest season. An extension of the comment period to 60 or even 90 days seems more realistic and I'm sure would be appreciated by all those who intend to comment.

2. Hundreds of turbines are planned to be erected in Ontario in the very near future and if the Federal Government is indeed concerned about the noise and health issues of Canadians, a moratorium should be implemented until these studies have been completed.

3. There have been dozens of reports and studies on noise produced by industrial wind turbines from sources around the world. Literature reviews are of concern as they can be cherry-picked and in all probability would not produce accurate conclusions. It is important therefore that real studies are conducted of those that are affected by noise -both audible and inaudible. (infrasound)

4. Hopefully many international independent researchers will be invited to join in on these studies, such as:

Dr. Michael Nissenbaum, M.D., USA, Dr. Robert Thorne, PhD, Health Sciences and Acoustics, Australia, Richard James, INCE Acoustician, USA, Dr. Christopher Hanning, M.D., FRCA, MRCS, LRCP, Sleep Specialist, UK, Dr. Robert McMurtry, M.D., F.R.C.S. (C), F.A.C.S., Canada, Dr Arline Bronzaft, PhD, Noise and Health Specialist, USA, Dr. Jeffery Armmini, PhD, Epidemiologist, Canada, Dr. Carl Phillips, PhD, M.P.P., Epidemiology and Public Policy, USA, Dr. Daniel Shepherd, PhD, Noise and Health Specialist, New Zealand, Dr. Sarah Laurie, Waubra Foundation, Australia, Dr. Nina Pierpont, Author of Wind Turbine Syndrome, USA, Dr. Mauri Johansson, Specialist in Community Health and Occupational Medicine, Denmark, Dr. Henrik Moeller, Acoustic Specialist, Denmark.

As a resident of rural Ontario where it is anticipated there will be thousands of Industrial Wind Turbines erected in close proximity to rural residences and rural towns,(and noting none are planned for urban areas.) this study is most welcome. I trust it will be an unbiased study based on science not on politics.

Thank you for allowing me to comment on this very important topic.

Marion Thompson
Millbrook Ontario